The remuneration will be paid only when the sale will be made (directly in the notarial office during the deed of the asset).

  • Up to € 250 000 sales price fixed commission of € 10 000
  • Over € 250 000 sales price between a minimum of € 10 000 and a maximum of € 15 000


12 Euros TTC per meter of floor area (LOI CARREZ)

3 Euro TTC for the inventory per meter of floor area (LOI CARREZ)

These fees are due on the day of the signed contract. The contract is signed remotely by electronic signature (sell e-sign)

The expenses of the inventory are due on the day of its realization.

The amount of the security deposit correspond to 2 rental months fee (excluding property costs) for furnished apartment rentals. (loi 1989)

The costs of research and negotiation are charged to the owner for an amount equal to 7% of the total amount of the rent.