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Why do invest in an apartment in Paris became safer and easier?

Buying an apartment in Paris is an investment with a very interesting capital gain. Faced with a demand for rent that does not cease to increase, the price per square meter is constantly growing, guaranteeing a safe and advantageous investment. The use of new technological communication, such as virtual visits, allows you to attract a foreign clientele and to ensure your Parisian purchase. You can also visit your apartment without leaving your home. The opportunity to rent or sell your property for the first time with a click!

Why do invest in Paris?

The capital of France, Paris, is the most dreamed city in the world, from students, businessmen, families. A romantic, modern, luxurious, unique place. Today fully recognized as one of the most touristic city in Europe, and with numerous assets.

But in addition to the image that the metropolis suggests, Paris is ideally situated. It has a strong economic dynamism, a great cultural vivacity, and always attracts more and more people in Europe and in the world.

Paris is increasingly internationalizing, reaching the same level as other major capitals on the continent. Its openness to the world allows it to welcome more and more French and foreign investors and tenants, attracted by its economic, financial and cultural life. The French capital is becoming one of the most important in Europe and worldwide.

All these factors make Paris one of the cities with the highest and ever-increasing prices per square meter. After a strong evolution in 2018, the Paris square meter, continues to grow with a record of 9.000Euro in April 2019 and therefore an evolution of 6,3% per year.

The market therefore offers buyers numerous advantages, such as a secure investment, and the enhancement of their assets in the long and medium term, a low risk market, because the demand for rental and for sale is very high.

The Paris real estate market is therefore favorable and has experienced a positive evolution for many years. In the real estate sector there are many investments and they are favored by a mortgage rate of around 2%.

A very high rent request

The demand for rentals is very high both for long terms and for short terms, a factor that reassures owners by allowing them to rent their property with good conditions and in safety.

The French capital is therefore a very interesting city for workers, students, families or tourists attracted by cultural and economic dynamism.

An agency to your listening

The Costanza Manfredi agency is at the owner’s service.

Check the solvency of candidates for aspiring tenants, in order to be able to select the safest and most solvency-guaranteed files
It proposes 9-month contracts for students and mobility contracts for a period of one month to 11 months (for workers or students and not for tourist use, a contract envisaged by the “loyer élan”). These contracts give the possibility to owners who wish to maintain a Paris “pied-à-terre” for a few months a year, in compliance with the legislation.

Guarantee of a capital gain on resale

If buying a Parisian asset is complicated by the lack of supply on the market, reselling it will be interesting for the good capital gain. The Parisian market is indeed solid and dynamic.

According to the notaries of the Grand Paris, the average price of the capital which was 9.600 €/square meter in January 2019 does not cease to increase, promising growth for the coming months. Half of the arrondissements today exceed 10.000 €/sm, except for the 19e which remains around 9.000 €/sm. It is the 6th arrondissement that beats all records, becoming one of the most expensive districts of the capital with sales of up to 30.000 €/sm. The 3rd and 4th arrondissements, the historic center of Paris equally attract many tenants and buyers. The “cosy” environment and village life make the Marais one of the ideal living quarters.

For these reasons, the demand for investors in Paris is so high and suffers from the lack of assets. This leads to ever increasing prices on the one hand and investment security on the other.

The statistics provide a secure capital gain on the price of the resale of the asset. For example, for those who invested in certain neighborhoods in 2014 and want to resell in 2019, they will have a 20% price increase for the 17th, + 23,1% for the 10th and 22,8% for the 3rd.

The city of Paris guarantees a safe and profitable investment

The use of new technologies is now essential to quickly sell and rent an apartment

The Costanza Manfredi agency guarantees virtual visits

After buying an apartment, the urgency to rent quickly is helped by virtual visits that allow even distant people to be able to visit their future well directly from their living room. In the case of sales, the virtual visit helps to select the apartments and avoid unnecessary travel.

The arrival of these new technologies is changing the real estate sector. In order to sell and rent faster our agency uses the new virtual visits, visible to future customers directly from their smartphone or computer. The immersive 360​° photographs allow the visitor to be able to enter the apartment virtually and to see all the positive and negative points, as if it were really on the spot.

The 360​° ​​photographs allowing the visitor to project themselves into their future apartment give the real estate agent more chance to convince the future client of the goodness of his choice. Virtual tours help the seller to sell or rent in record time!
In addition to the benefits of the seller to make the tenant or buyer earn a lot of time. Normally, a lot of time and energy is required before making the decision and choosing the good. Virtual tours have a much stronger impact than classic photos We use a professional camera with an application that allows us to make live rooms to make our virtual visits. Thanks to these useful and effective technologies you will be able to find a foreign clientele that will benefit from not having to return to Paris for every visit.
These technological means increasingly seduce the European market and allow our agency to open up to other countries. We are always attentive to new innovations in order to achieve increasingly satisfying results.
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